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From the ancient times in Japan, there’s an emotional expression, “itooshii” to express feeling of fond affection.


I feel dearness against the faintness of people and things alike that could not avoid from disintegrating and disappearing in the future, and at the same time, sympathize to the strong will of survival that they hold. I feel urge to express and hand down such emotion in the modern world.


Why do I feel “itoshisii” or fondness and dearness to the fainting things, if they are to “rebirth?” It’s because “reborn” is not a fixed promise. Even under such uncertainty, I believe  “reborn” is an endless and desperate effort and process that is backed up by strong will of resistance against depression or defeat, and fight back against the fate with clenched teeth. The courageous aspect moves my heart.

 If the thought of samsara (all things being in flux through the endless circle of birth, death and rebirth) is true, there exist a circle of chaos and transmigration where I live, and part of me that observes the circle with the eye of an outsider. We all die someday and the structures that are in our view today will some day breakdown. I believe that the strong will of survival and emotion that I see in such existence, could be handed over to the next generation.


I strive to record the effort and process of “rebirth” with photography as a medium.


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